My interest in photography started in 2014 when visiting the Peak District, UK whilst using a small point-and-shoot camera. The dramatic landscapes there inspired me and made me want to capture their greatness. By the end of that year I had acquired my first bridge camera.
For over a year I crafted my hobby until I wanted to break free from the limitations of a bridge camera when I took an interest in photographing long exposures, which is when I upgraded to my first DSLR in 2016. This took my mind to a whole new level of creative ideas.
By the end of 2017 I had expanded my photographic skills by capturing live concerts, motorsport, long exposure landscapes and portraits.
At the beginning of 2018 I took my first photography job as a Press Photographer for a UK News & Image Agency, taking images for national newspapers and online. This quickly sharpened my photography in two ways, the first was photographing the subject and being quick to compose, focus and expose correctly first time as there are no second chances, once a moment or subject has passed it has gone, and the client won't be happy! The second improvement to my photography was being able to edit my images quickly and on-the-fly, this generally happened on location right after the shoot and images had to be edited and filed to the picturedesks straightway as you always had to beat the competition.
Over the course of 2018 I had my photography feature in national news publications such as The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun and BBC News.
After eight months as a Press Photgrapher I took a step away in August 2018 and let photography become a hobby and side project once more.